Harshith Anusuyadevi Shivamalavaiah

Experienced pharmaceutical Science professional
Experienced pharmaceutical Science professional

Recently conferred MSc in Pharmaceutical science-drug discovery and development with distinction from Kingston University, London. I am committed to uphold quality and safety practices in the pharmaceutical field, adept in quality control, formulation development and regulatory guidelines. Possessing over 4 years of hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical sector, honing analytical skills through coursework and practical experience with specialised expertise in HPLC instrumentation. Currently, I am on a graduate route work visa and seeking opportunities that make me live up to my highest potential by bridging my academic and practical skills to make it a win-win scenario for both the company and me as an individual.

Technical Skills:

Process development, Scientific data analysis, Good manufacturing practice (GMP), Project management, Good laboratory practice (GLP), QMS (QC and QA), UV-vis spectroscopy, FTIR, Karl Fischer titration, COSHH document preparation, MS office suite which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others, HACCP, ALCOA principles for data integrity and technical reports, Process scale up, Deviations and Complaint handling (OOS, OOT), Root cause analysis, CAPA, Analytical method development (ADL) and process validation, Regulatory standards, High performance liquid chromatography, Stability testing.

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MSc Pharmaceutical science - drug discovery and development @ Kingston University, London
Sep 2022 — Sep 2023

Grade: Distinction.
Notable Modules: Quality management systems (QA and QC), GMP, GLP, statistics, computing, drug discovery and development, Quality by design, QSAR, advanced spectroscopic techniques including NMR, ISO specifications, MHRA guidelines, FTIR, HPLC, pharmaceutical production technology, analytical chemistry, manufacturing and clinical trials of medicines, pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs.
Project title: Exploring the impact of experimental variables on the formulation of PLGA nanoparticles: Formulation and characterisation studies.
• Developed and validated HPLC method for Sunitinib malate quantification, followed by PLGA nanoparticle preparation, drug incorporation, and comprehensive characterisation studies.
• Successfully reduced run time of HPLC to 1.8 minutes, a significant improvement from previous methods requiring 17-20 minutes, which paves the way for future industry applications, allowing them to save substantial time in their analytical processes and standard operating procedures.
• Technical expertise in nanoparticle preparations, particle size analysis, zetapotential, and HPLC.
• Secured A+ in project performance.

Doctor of Pharmacy @ Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences
Aug 2013 — Aug 2019

Score: 71.05%
Notable subjects: Pharmaceutical jurisprudence, QA and QC, GMP principles and industry regulations, biochemistry, radiopharmaceuticals, microbiology, clinical toxicology, pharmacotherapeutics, biotechnology, chemical analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, organic and inorganic chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biostatistics, research methodology, Pharmacoeconomics and clinical trials.
Project: Assessment of prescribing pattern of bronchodilators for patients with pulmonary disorder in a tertiary care teaching hospital.


Assistant Professor @ Bharathi Education Trust
Nov 2019 — Jun 2022

• Managed a team of 12 under the department of pharmacology leading animal house operations in accordance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) ensuring safety guidelines, ethical standards, and regulatory compliance.
• Experience across R&D laboratory settings: Pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical organic chemistry, pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry, and microbiology.
• Successfully guided students in pharmacology and other topics, resulting in a commendable 97% pass rate.
• Contributed technical support to R&D, examination and admission committees.

PharmD Intern @ Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences and Teaching Hospital
Aug 2018 — Aug 2019

• Gained skills in aseptic lab procedures: Process improvements, product testing and development, analytical equipment calibrations, troubleshooting, packaging of sterilised chemicals and strict adherence to 5S principles.
• Adhered to GMP standards and engaged in training, development and continuing education programme.
• Ensured dose calculation accuracy, maintained strict safety standards during the drug administration.
• Achieved excellence in counselling patients, effectively communicating medication details to a daily caseload of 70-80 individuals in a fast paced environment.
• Coordinated medication therapy investigations, and optimised drug regimen.

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